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Hempz Sandalwood And Apple

By: Rex Inego | May 28, 2009 05:15 AM

Ensured to instantly moisturise and condition the skin with sandalwood and apple herbal scrub, Hempz Sandalwood And Apple polishes the skin by soothingly lifting away the rough, dry, dull skin to leave it smooth, soft and supple.

With micro exfoliating seeds and lightly trampled hemp seeds, this THC-drug free product is available in 33.8 oz and 9 oz sizes. Easy to apply after bath, it provides hydration, nourishment and conditions the skin instantly.

Pros: With natural essence of sandalwood and apple to revitalise and refresh the skin without any hassles, it nurtures the body.

cons: Nil.

conclusion: Naturally enhancing the skin with real proven extracts of Hemp seeds and micro-foliating beads, it can be used regularly to attain the perfect skin completely moisturised and conditioned and is immensely easier to use.

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