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2003 WGP Kanar Barrel

By: Rex Inego | Jul 26, 2004 04:03 PM

The Kaner Barrel is WGP's contender for tournement grade barrels, designed to compeat with the more expensive barrels while maintaining an affordable price. The Kaner barrel has a two piece design, and has interchangabele back sections providing a multitude of different bore sizs.

Pros: VERY VERY Light, possibly the lightest barrel i have ever seen Excellent quality finnish, whith a top class anno job, perfectly smoth internal bore. Two pice design allows customisable bore sizes, producing a very acurate barrel. Minimul porting may produce good gas effiency Cheep!!

cons: The Kaner Barrel is only availible in Autococker threads The minimal porting on the end of the barrel makes the marker quite loud when firing Doesnt have the looks of some more expensive barrels 2 piece kit comes with the 0.689 bore as standard, which is a little bit big for top quality paint, so seperate back pieces need to be perchased.

conclusion: Lightest barrel you will find, combined with its affordable prices and interchangable back section creates a flexible barrel kit, well worth getting if your on a budget.

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