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350 Hz Metal NSD Powerball

By: Rex Inego | Jan 12, 2007 09:37 PM

One of the fastest non-motorised machines in the world! This was the claim made of the Neon Powerball, well now that has been surpassed by the staggering coolth and power of the Metal Powerball. It's faster, it's harder, it's considerably heavier and it's quite possibly the neatest sports gizmo ever. It works just like the original Powerballs, i.e. it's meant to be a sports training tool, basically because it's amazingly good at strengthening your forearms, wrists, fingers and grip. But the main reason we love it is it's great for office competitions - just who's the strongest and fastest - it's all very Steve Austin. Flawlessly finished in a magnificent mirror-chrome, and at almost twice the weight of the Neon model, the 350Hz Metal exerts an extraordinary force on the arm and wrist and will test even the fittest player.

How It Works
The gizmo works by a combination of an internal gyroscope, centrifugal force and inertia. Once you get the central ball spinning, you rotate your wrists to build up speed. The top speed with the Metal Powerball is said to be 20,000 rpm - though we've never made it past 12,000 (wimps), and it exerts the most remarkable forces on your wrist - you really feel like you've had an arm workout. Playing with this is an almost guaranteed crowd puller, as everyone will want a go, and be determined to beat everyone else's highest score. It's dead clever, needs no batteries or motor, just pure gyroscopic power and a strong arm - at just 15000 rpm it's exerting almost 40lbs of pressure on your arm!

Pros: The onboard computer can measure your current RPM, the most recent fastest speed (which is like 'Top Score' and is knocked out by anyone who's faster), and also the most revolutions made in 30 seconds. It makes for some very competitive play and in the meantime has a remarkable effect on strengthening your arm and your grip. Put an end to wet fish handshakes, and get a grip on the Power Ball. The Metal Powerball comes in a clear Perspex presentation case that's held together by magnets, and comes supplied with a full compliment of replacement components to help you maintain their silky smooth performance indefinitely. It's almost too beautiful to use! Features Improve your grip for when you're next hanging from a cliff edge in cool shades with a smug smile on your face. Or of course for tennis, golf, squash, archery, fencing, etc. Made of flawless mirror chrome. Twice the weight of the neon powerball so tests even the fittest of 'spinners'. Achieves speeds of 12,000 RPM. Built in speedometer. An LCD showing your revolution count, the physical index (so you can compete against yourself and others), the highest historical RPM and your current RPM. Rubber grip that runs around the circumference of your Powerball. Your Metal Powerball runs silently and has an extremely high density metal composite rotor. Replacement components to ensure that you always have a smooth Powerball experience. Auto power shut-off. The sphere can be unscrewed to access your Powerball's internal bits and pieces. Your Metal Powerball is presented in a super sleek transparent 2 piece magnetic display case. Size: - Ball: 7 x 7 x 6cm Case: 13 x 13 x 8.8cm.

cons: None. Although if dropped onto a hard surface, some parts may become dislodged and therefore this product may stop functioning as intended.

conclusion: A great piece of engineering and a very addictive piece of kit!

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