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42 All Time Classics (DS)

By: Rex Inego | Jan 09, 2007 06:40 PM

Wow - 42 games on one tiny cartridge. Surely not thinks me. Maybe they have cheated by including small variations of the same game. But no. 42 different and separate games there are. And there's enough variation to keep everyone happy. Card games, board games, arcade(ish) games. Games of chance and games of skill. The instructions/rules for each game are included and viewable on the DS. Especially useful if you buy it second hand and get the cartridge only. Single player is great but where this title really excels is it's multi player. Only one cartridge is needed and it is guaranteed to keep the kids quiet on a long car journey. The only downside for me was the rather ropey A.I. which is used in single player. For instance the chess game is not much of a challenge for your average player even on the hardest setting

Pros: 42 great games range of titles touch generations game great use of the touch screen


conclusion: For such a cheep price you really should get this game its everything you could wish for on one cart at a cheap price with 42 games and online play. i love online play and my mate gary cant get enough of online play with the texas hold em card game which he recentley taught me to play. BUY THIS GAME ONE OF THE BEST DS GAMES YOU CAN INVEST IN

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