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42 All Time Classics (DS)

By: Rex Inego | Jan 10, 2007 12:19 PM

Its a brilliant idea to take something we have all played and to re-package it. It nearly always makes plenty of cash, although usually the game itself it rubbish.

Thats not the case for Nintendo's latest offering. 42 All-Time Classics (Club House Games) is a great compilation game, not just because of the sheer volume of games on the cartridge but the quality of at least half of them.

This is obviously the sequel to Brain Training, not in a game sense but in the fact that its an attempt to get non-gamers to play the DS. In particular I think this is targeting adults who are considered ''lost gamers'' by Nintendo.

There are many games to play and its almost certain you wont have played at least ten of them before, if you're too young you may not know of the ''Mahjong'' craze that Britain saw about a decade ago.

In fact the entire list comprises of;

Card games: Old Maid, Spit, I Doubt It, Sevens, Memory, Pig, Blackjack, Hearts, President, Rummy, Seven Bridge, Last Card, Last Card Plus, Five Card Draw, Texas hold 'em, Nap, Spades and Contract Bridge.
Board games: Chinese checkers, Checkers, Dots and Boxes, Hasami shogi, Turncoat, Connect Five, Grid Attack, Backgammon, Chess, Shogi, Field Tactics and Ludo.
Variety games: Soda Shake, Dominoes, Koi-Koi and Word Balloon.
Action games: Bowling, Darts, Billiards, Balance and Takeover.
Single player games: Solitaire, Escape and Mahjong Solitaire.

So as you can see there is plenty of variety, there is something for everyone and you will be able to persuade you Grandad to have a go at Dominoes, even if he's not as good as you!

Unfortunately there are some bad games that you will avoid such as Soda Shake which is biased to the computer or the fact that there are too many card games.

All of the games play well and the visuals are good, the bowling is nice and smooth and the game play is quick unlike many card games, youre not waiting months for the CPU to play.

Pros: -Plenty to play -Brilliant Wi-Fi no lag whats so ever -Bowling is ace -Bargain -Fun for the family

cons: -Overflowing with card games -Can get repetetive

conclusion: Good fun for everyone, a bargain thats not essential but still worth having in your collection and certainly recommended for typical non-gamers.

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