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About extraordinary laptop mouse

By: Chris Kevin | Sep 01, 2011 07:44 AM

Laptops users who are not comfortable using touchpad on their laptops can rely on compact laptop mouse. Laptop Mouse is relatively smaller and sleek, but offers exceptional speed and performance. Today, the market offers innovative models to match your style and attractive looks of your laptop. This article gives you an overview about the extraordinary Laptop Mouse available in the market today. These products not only look distinctive but they deliver high performance. All of them are powered with laser technology and uses Bluetooth connectivity. The portability, compactness and wireless connectivity makes all of these models functional and handy. They are sure to impress all laptop users. Magic Mouse from Apple Apple’s magic mouse is clearly one of the sleekest and beautiful creations by Apple. It is innovatively designed and structured to compliment with the appearance of the Macbook. It offers the feel of using a track pad as it uses multi-touch surface technology. This allows the user to swipe and click the device with even one finger. You can use this device as a traditional mouse on the surface. It works on any surface and does not require a mouse pad. The white appearance and the sleek design contribute to the style of this Magic mouse. Touch Mouse Artist Edition from Microsoft Having conquered the software market, Microsoft is all set to create a distinctive identity in the hard ware sector. With its innovative mouse designs, it has become a company hard to compete with. The company’s Bluetooth Touch Mouse line-up receives another boost with the Touch Mouse Artist Edition. This new version with multi-touch capabilities is designed to work with laptops running on Windows 7. This wonderful mouse is designed and created by Deanne Cheuk, a New York artist. It looks fantastic in its grey on white pattern. Apart from looking attractive, the device performs well. To navigate within one window you can swipe one finger, to maximize and minimize a window use two fingers and to show open windows or expose the desktop, use three fingers. Cyborg R.A.T. 9 Gaming Mouse from Mad Catz Mad Catz’s Cyborg R.A.T. 9 Gaming Mouse performs differently and looks disparate from the above two devices. The device looks less than a mouse and more like a technical wonder. This gaming mouse is customizable and is designed to cater to your everyday gaming needs. Everything from its weight to features is customizable. You can add or remove five or 6-gram weights to personalize the weight of the mouse. Interchangeable palm rests and pinkie grips and adjustable dpi rating are other interesting attributes of this mouse. The device is equipped with five programmable buttons and two batteries. The sturdy looks and the innovative structure makes it a perfect gaming mouse. Logitech Couch Mouse M515 from Logitech Logitech introduces, the Logitech Couch Mouse M515 combined the traditional and the modern design. Intelligent hand detection is featured in this device and it is activated only when it is gripped. Scroll wheel is featured in this mouse and it tilts from right to left to move backwards and forwards of the web pages. AA batteries are used to power this mouse. The battery compartment consists of a little space for accommodating the Bluetooth receiver. Swiftpoint Small Mouse from Swiftpoint Swiftpoint Small Mouse from Swiftpoint is one of the smallest mouse you will come across. Small, compact and handy, it works perfectly for your laptops. Bluetooth transmitter will rest on USB port and it performs as a power station. It is designed in such a way that it can be accommodated with your right hand fingers. One button is positioned on the top centre ridge and the other below the first. Positioned left of the buttons is a scroll wheel. The mouse works perfectly well on all surfaces. You can even keep in next to the touchpad of your laptop. Whirl Ergonomic Pivoting Laser Mouse from Smartfish Technologies Smartfish Technologies has designed mouse in co-ordination with New York’s Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS). Attached to a pivoting base, it offers convenience and flexibility during use. This innovation removes stress from your wrist and arm. The pivoting base lets you move and tilt your hand. This compact device has the Bluetooth dongle stored at the base. Powered with two AA batteries, it offers better performance. Its compactness lets you transport the device with ease. All these laptop Mouse are distinctive in their respects and offers excellent performance. You can choose from these six extraordinary Mouse and make your computing easy.




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