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Actionloop (DS)

By: Rex Inego | Feb 12, 2007 10:45 AM

Actionloop is a very addictive puzzle game on the Nintendo DS that you just can not put down once you start. The objective of the game is to shoot the marble from the centre of the screen to match those surrounding, so that the colours match up. If you make chains of three or more the disappear and sometimes set off chain reactions! The DS makes it a charm to control. You can pick up and play it instantly.

Each stage has a different loop, some making it seem like you are about to die when you are far from it and some making it seem like you have a lot of space to live when you actually do not. You play the game by flicking marbles from the middle to marbles coming out of a conveyor belt. Three of the same color will get rid of the marbles. A miss would lead to making the belt of marbles even longer. However, you can intentionally miss in order to achieve higher bonuses. In addition, you can stop the conveyor from moving by getting rid of marbles towards the beginning of the conveyor thereby seperating the marbles and temporarily stopping the marbles from reaching the middle. In addition, various special marbles are included like in most puzzle games for additional bonuses and twists to the puzzle.

The graphics are great in this game but who really cares about graphics in a puzzle game. It is a great game with great graphics. You would be surprised of how nice the graphics are in this game. The menus are very well polished and thought out. It has a relaxing air to it.

The music is good too, on the menus it is calming and in the game it is very cool too.

It joins Meteos in being the most addictive game on the DS. Infact I couldn't tear myself away from it.

The game includes various extra features including a multiplayer mode that has a multi-card play and a DS download play. It also has a puzzle mode in which marbles are already set up and you get an amount of marbles to shoot in order to exactly clear the stage. There is also a challenge mode in which you must survive a long series of marbles that keep on coming. These features are a good break from the repetitive nature of the regular quest game.

Pros: - Controls like a dream - Good music - Puzzle, Quest and challenge modes - Great multiplayer features - Truely addictive. - Colourful graphics and polished lighting effects.

cons: - Can get frantic - Puzzle mode is relatively difficult

conclusion: If you liked Polarium, Meteos or Tetris, you'll adore Actionloop. A must have for puzzle fans!

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