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Advance Wars Dark Conflict (DS)

By: Andrew Wilson | Jun 29, 2011 09:33 AM

The Advance Wars Dark Conflict (DS) is the second instalment and sequel to the first one.  It has been in the fray for longer than usual and quite popular to boot. A turn-based strategy game where groups of units are shifted across a grid, moving from square to square; you are trying to fight the enemy who is equally well endowed. It is an absorbing game in that you are trying to overcome the foes weighing each other’s capabilities and weaknesses, also taking into consideration the exposure of the units.  The game is all replete with tankers, air planes that can carry out aerial bombing and choppers doing everything to help destroy your enemy. The submarines are wonderful to assist in bringing down battleships. However the cruiser can shatter them in minutes. 

One among the contenders in computer gaming Intelligent Systems has been making exciting games for many years now. The Advance Wars Dark Conflict (DS) published by Nintendo, is ranked 14 out of 278 and can be played by one to four players. As the name itself suggests is about warfare, but this time over the Nintendo game is minus music, surfer dude dialogue or other accessories and has been replaced instead with brittle guitar sounds and musings about the uselessness of warfare as a result of having escaped unscathed from a meteor strike. 

In the new instalment there are no more tag-team CO (Commanding Officer) powers, multiple-front battles, black bombs, pipe-runners or stealth fighters. Instead you find the entry of the motorbike gang that can cover large expanses and can play city-capture role, thereby helping to hasten the game up. 

Like in the earlier game this is a single player strategy game in Campaign mode with main quests that get unlocked one after the other. You have characters talking to each other while the game progresses. The game starts off with the dandy, fancy haired hero donning a tie escaping a world shattering meteor strike and soon joins hands with Captain Brenner. You also have a girl struck with amnesia, a virus that can kill with shrubbery, and plenty of menacing selfish bad characters who are all scheming against you. The crew however is genuinely honest and sincere, and finally come to the conclusion that war is bad and killing is terrible.

Throughout the game you should have a strong focus on the rules realizing what is stronger than what and when you can make use of their skills in the right combinations. You have many things like deployment maps, fog of war, special trucks to fire a flare, and so on. 

Pros: A single-player game that is very simple and easy to understand and play. The quests in the game keeps you enthralled making you look forward for more. A game that will keep you busy for a couple of hours, and it is something that you can play alone on a long journey. Online game play is an added feature.

cons: The presence of too many dialogue screens are a nuisance and the dialogues are repetitive

conclusion: Overall, the game is interesting and Intelligent Systems have set aside some of the features that was present in the first of the DS series, Dual Strike, but have given the fans of this game online play; something that they have been looking forward to.

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