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Advantages of Rolling Laptop Briefcases

By: Chris Kevin | Sep 21, 2011 05:36 AM

You would have seen people pulling along briefcases on wheels. These are typically called the rolling briefcases. These were invented when it was found that carrying a rather heavy briefcase especially when you are travelling could be detrimental to the spinal cord in many ways. Then laptops entered into the market, and practically, everyone who was prone to travel owned one so that their work would not suffer because they were on the move. It was the Mezzi Traveller that brought in the idea laptop briefcases on wheel by developing black rolling laptop briefcases in aluminium. These laptop cases were not only reasonably priced, but they were really convenient to carry the laptops around without any hassles. In fact this laptop was developed with travellers in mind. This is a rather roomy case and the best part of it all is that the laptop compartment is so well padded that the laptop will come to no harm. It is divided into two compartments where the top is for the laptop and is big enough for an eighteen inch screen sized machine. The second or the bottom part of the briefcase is meant for the traveller to carry other official files, documents and the like. Today there is a wide range of rolling laptop briefcases in the market to suit every taste and every requirement. Some of them are trendy and sophisticated in both appearance and convenience. The inside of the laptop compartment is well padded with good quality nylon with wide straps with excellent grip that ensures that the laptop is not damaged during travel and is secured safely inside the briefcase. There are different sections that are demarcated by Velcro and every section has straps to keep things in place. If necessary, the division can be taken off and made into one big section to store files that are bigger in size. In addition they are provided with comfortable shoulder straps too, so that in case the traveller would prefer to carry the laptop briefcase he could do that too. In such cases even the roller wheels can be detached and packed away. Most rolling laptop briefcase covers are made from water resistant material that prevents seepage into the laptop- compartment so that the laptops do not get wet. Further they also have dust proof outer surfaces so that it is easy to clean them without much effort. Many roller laptop briefcases have been developed with the woman in mind; made especially for those ladies who also have to travel a lot on business. These are actually lighter and more fashionable in keeping the requirements of women.




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