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Adventure Island

By: Rex Inego | Apr 27, 2009 05:42 AM

Adventure Island is situated in Southend-on-sea, Essex. It is an admission free park. Charges are levied only for individual attractions within the park. This park is owned by Stockvale Ltd. Previously called Peter Pans Adventure Island, it has a total of 32 rides out of which 4 are roller coasters and 2 water rides. The names of the rides are American Freeway, Space Chase, Fantasy Dome, Beelzee BobҒs Trail, Fireball, Jungle Safari, Blackbeards Pirate Adventure, Barracuda and Mr. SmeeҒs Boat Ride.

We visited it this summer, and the experience is fresh in my mind. This Island has four roller coasters, Green Scream is the first one which is also known as Zierer design. It is is a family ride and is safe and comfortable to ride. These cars are green and its interior parts are red in colour. The back of the car is designed in the shape of a crocodile's tail. This train is long with 20 cars with a seating facility for two people per car. The second one is the Barnstormer. This train has a fiberglass pilot in the front and a dog at the back. The third one is the Mighty Mini Mega which has six cars with two rows. 24 riders can have a ride in this car. The other one is the Rage which has vivid colours and attracts the guests. This ride is about 75ft height and drops down at 97 degree. I really enjoyed the rides which were amazingly wondrous.

Some of the other major rides in the Adventure Island are the Dragons Claw, Big wheel, Sky Drop, Mighty Mini Mega, Tidal Wave, Scorpion, DevilҒs Creek Gold Mine, Archelon, Pharaohs, Ramba Zamba, Vortex and SK8borda. Adventure Island organizes Light Fantastic Weekends. In the months of September and October on Fridays and Saturdays they organize programs throughout nights. The program consists of various light displays with live entertainment and goodies are distributed too. This Adventure Island does a lot of local and national charities.

An appreciable aspect of the Adventure Island is the charity they do locally and internationally. I was really happy to know about this. I came to know that recently the staff members of this Island spent 24 hours on the big wheel and raised a fund for StrokeBusters. Awe-inspiring.

Pros: Admission free park Has several thrill rides

cons: Food prices high

conclusion: This theme park is an ideal place to spend your summer vacation.

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