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Akai STD-2000 DVD Player

By: Chris Kevin | May 15, 2011 11:03 PM

Akai STD-2000 DVD Player is compact with lots of handy operations. This gadget does not take much of your space. Featured to view in Region 2, this light-weight yet not portable player has a dimension of 38x430x210 mm and weighs just 1.21kg. With its diminutive size, this device does outperform by converting standard DVD to 1080p resolution. This single disc machine can playback DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW with MP3 encoding. Provided High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) also makes it possible to play the disc without compressing the digital data. An automatic PAL and NTSC selection of video output system is yet another advantage of the gadget. The DVD player does give you a lot of options with a DVD, CD or CD-R even though integrated VCR is something that you miss. The choice increases with the incorporation of Electronic Programme guide (EPG) and the progressive scan with a parental control for the kids. The featured aspect ratio of 4:3 and 16:9 gives the choice of viewing the DVD in a wide screen TV or normal sized TV. The Audio is reproduced via SPDIF digital coaxial audio output and digital optical audio output found on the player. With a built in Dolby Digital Decoder, the player makes the DVD viewing experience remarkable. A single Scart interface and S- video output of the DVD Player makes the audio and video transmission more clear. Featured design is compatible with MPEG4 technology. It also has a YUV output. The player uses DVB-T with MPEG2 technology for its transmission supporting MPEG4 and MP3 formats. This DVD player also has a front load technology and also gives us an option of using front USB 2.0 port. This port is fitted with PVR feature that enables you to record digital TV to MPEG 2 form and then to transfer on to any USB storage device or an external hard drive. The benefit of encoding a CD to MP3 format is also provided. A 64MB flash memory is something else that makes it unique. Even though the blu ray tops the entertainment sections most, an investment in this Akai STD-2000 Region 2 DVD Player will not go futile with its stunning video and audio playback. With its standard remote control, this machine surely is worth an asset for your home.

General Info
Brand Akai
Model Akai STD-2000 DVD Player
Weight 1.21kg
Size 38 x 430 x 210mm
Player type DVD/CD/CD-R-RW/DVD±R/RW
Number of discs 1
A/V Format MPEG4, MP3
Remote control Standard
Parental lock Yes
Multiregional No- Region 2
Audio Features
S-Video 1 output
Video Features
Surround sound Yes
MP3 compatible Yes




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