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Alone In The Dark (PC)

By: Andrew Wilson | Jun 29, 2011 09:38 AM

A video game that can be run on the Windows Vista / XP platform on your PC, Alone In The Dark (PC) can be played by those above 15 years of age. The main story revolves around bizarre and sinister happenings in the Central park, the heart of New York that has remained unaffected by the changes all around. 

The players are obliged to delve into and solve the conspiracy of central park Alone in the Dark. This game is in fact the fifth of a series begun in 1992. Till the mystery is solved the city will not be the same. 

The paranormal investigator Edward Carnby tries to solve the mysteries that have been spread, but is flabbergasted by everything that comes tumbling out one frightful night. The player’s role is to look for answers steering clear of many a danger, trying to decipher the implications of these happenings.  

There are many things you can do to avoid the dangers confronting you, you can side step or taking the path of least resistance; you can place obstacles between the danger and self or if you so wish you can make an attack with anything that you would use in real life. The different incidents in the game end with exciting finishes that keep you on tender hooks leaving the player wanting more. 

Pros: Gripping story line based on theories and musings of life after death, taken from real life philosophies. Designed on a story description based on an exclusive television game structure, the basic story is divided into various sessions that are of 30-40 minutes duration and given to the player one after the other as the game progresses. Developed by Eden Studios, utilizing their Twilight technology and rendering engine, of the in-game conventions have been replaced by real life upgrades and player can take utilize the cinematographic effects that include depth, camera focus, lighting, etc. Those who play Alone in The Dark are totally immersed with the twists and turns in the story, making them aware of the fact that they must survive all odds using full control of movements. The aim is to make the player feel that he is doing as much or more than he possibly can really within the game. The innovative real world technology makes this game enthralling to play, what with so muc

cons: The game may not work properly on the PC, as it has tabs and buttons that are made for use in Xbox Controller and cannot run smoothly using keyboard and mouse. Moving from one level to the other is complicated because movements of the characters are sluggish and awkward. Playing in the first person mode is extremely difficult, you cannot fight in this mode implying that you will have to resort to luck over skills.

conclusion: The innovative real world technology makes this game enthralling to play, what with so much of environmental interaction that gives you the feeling that everything is real and not part of a game. However the game may not work well on a PC as it cannot run smoothly using keyboard and mouse alone.

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