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Alone in the Dark (PS3)

By: Rex Inego | Jun 02, 2009 08:41 AM

Alone in the Dark (PS3), the fifth game in a chain that dates back to 1992 and centered around the experiences of Edward "the reptile" Carnby, is ideal for 15 years and above. The Paranormal investigator- Edward Carnby finds himself mysteriously thrown into the eye of the storm as, during one apocalyptic night course, he must discover the earth devastating secret behind Central Park's spooky goings-on.

Completely packed with action and vibrant in its practicality, the video game keeps the players engrossed by dipping them into the spirit of the real time action at every turn and challenges them to endure using full movement control.

During the game course, if you need to evade a detonation of steam or an eruption of fire shot up in the path, all you need to do is handle the hindrance by wavering around it with the help of wires or pipes. While challenged by attacking monsters, either you take the least resistance path or select a chair, board etc. for taking out a bit aggression.

Pros: The innovative game play, complete with Vivid Photographic Rendering and TV Style intensity that keeps one engaged, the storyline of the game is split into various 30-40min episodes ensuring that the players can enjoy the game despite of the quantity of time without ever having to feel lost.

cons: The visuals are of poor quality while the characters exhibit a waxy complexion.

conclusion: Delivering constant reaping sound and lighting details, this PS3 version game with enhanced camera controls, more rapid movements in nail-biting situations and more logical jacket inventory system, has it all to bring in the true gaming performance of the players.

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