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Alton Towers

By: Rex Inego | Apr 11, 2009 10:16 AM

The day was bright, with a trace of coolness in the air. We had nothing else to do, but loll about in the backyard. In short, it was the perfect day to visit some place and unwind ourselves, after a stressful week of work. The Alton Towers was our choice and we drove to Staffordshire. The park opened at 9.30, and we had already booked our tickets. Alton Towers, on first sight looked like something out of 'The world's most beautifully kept gardens' list. But then we were here for some wild rushes of adrenaline and jumped right in!Our super-charged day started with the thrill rides. Let me first tell you about the X Sector. They said it was not for the weak hearted I scorned them. A wave of screams greeted my slack senses and I said 'Scary-cats! Wait till you see me, I will be as solid as a rock.' So saying, I first decided to try Oblivion. Standing tall and majestic, it was some sight. It is said to be the world's first vertical roller coaster and still rules the world of vertical roller coasters with only one competitor. The colossal vertical drop is bound to freeze your blood in the veins. It sure did freeze mine! It is a short ride, but sharp- hit's you hard. With 2 rows consisting of 8 seats each, the 150 feet vertical drop made me scream at the top of my voice, leaving my lungs dry. I felt like a rag-doll, actually, being thrown down like that! I cursed myself for having gotten into the ride, 'I'm never doing this, ever' I said. But the minute my feet touched the ground, looking at Oblivion that seemed to glint mischievously at me, I actually wanted to do another! One word of advice: Don't look down. But hey, I hope you do just that, for that is where the essence of the ride lies! This ride prepared me for the other rides in the X Sector, namely Enterprise and Submission. I liked Enterprise, it had an element of wildness to it. There are no restrains, for your information. The forces of gravity are the restrains for this ride, I'm not all that good in physics, but believe me, the speed generated actually made me wonder if my stomach was made of lead. I enjoyed Submission, thought not to the extent of the other two.The X Sector sure did leave us drained out. Our eyes fell on KFC and Pizza Hut and there was even a X Sell shop selling Oblivion merchandise. A few pounds spent (a lot, to be honest) we headed to UG land, which is the home of rides like Rita-the queen of speed, Cockscrew and UG Swinger. Rita, is surely the queen of speed for, she catapults you at a speed of 0-100km/ph in just 2.5 seconds!Forbidden Valley ֖ an intriguing name, don't you think? Not just the name, the entire place had an air of dread to it. Legend has it that when the place was being constructed, a sound so loud and eerie was heard that it was rumoured to be that of some horrendous underground monster, Nemesis. To put a stop to the beast, the workers are said to have built the vast track that now keeps the monster at bay. Now, whether or not that's true, it sure is fun to believe it is! Ripsaw is based on the theme of a shrapnel that shot out when the monster was discovered. The ride is an embodiment of fear, I tell you. Imagine being whirled up-side-down for five times, with water spraying at you from 35 sprays!Wow. Much to the delight of the kids, we spent quite a lot of time at the Gloomy world. Duel Haunted House Strikes Back is better than it sounds. With the living dead as targets, you get to shoot at them using Laser Shooting guns and even get individual scores at the end. Old MacDonald's Farmyard with several rides like Doodle Doo Derby sure did thrill the kids. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ֖ as a kid, I spent bright sunny days fantasising that I was there, right there next to Willy Wonka, eating my way into the factory and swimming in the never-ending streams of chocolate syrup! We went into Cred Street with a lot of expectation, but Charlie disappointed us! But that's alright, The Storybook Land made up for it. Its appealing, relaxing all the more. Wonderfully themed.

Pros: - Themed with creativity - Bound to impress adults and kids alike - Satisfies hard-core thrill seekers. - Eye-catching gardens. - Do the rushes of adrenaline leave your stomach grumbling? Never fear, there are several restaurants to silence that little monster in your tummy. - Never are you left wondering what to do next. Done with one ride? - The next one is right there for you to dive in.

cons: - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory leaves a lot to be desired. - Well, I cannot possibly see anything else wrong with it.

conclusion: A great escape from our boring lives. Alton Towers is one huge roller coaster, of sudden rushes of adrenaline, spurts of laughter, bouts of thrills, chills and screams of sheer exhilaration.

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