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Amcor PLDA19E Dehumidifier

By: Rex Inego | Apr 06, 2011 10:01 PM

The higher humidity levels in the atmosphere easily affect the health of human beings often leading to allergies and asthmatic attacks. The furniture and upholstery too can get damaged with moss build-up and bad odour is an after effect of it! However with the Amcor PLDA19E Dehumidifier one can enjoy the comfort of the interiors. It has a high extraction rate of 18 litres per day and hence is suitable for installation in areas near coastal regions too. Compact, powerful and stylish it is equipped with rotary compressor with the refrigerant R134a for super quiet performance. The ambient room temperature recommended is 5 – 35 degrees C. This dehumidifier with LED soft-touch control panel helps set the features accurately. With adjustable humidistat for precise controls; 1-24 hours timer; 2 fan speeds and a 2.6 litres water tank. Well designed to offer almost hands-free freedom and exceptional efficiency it has continuous drainage facility. The optional 3M HAF filters as well as ionizer and heater makes it a design par excellence. Ideal for drying the laundry as well it has top air outlet. The washable odour absorbing active Carbon filter is an added attraction for fresh and clean interiors. Amcor PLDA19E Refrigerant Dehumidifier offers the perfect package one can always rely on. It is the best value for price product!

General Info
Brand Amcor
Model Amcor PLDA19E Dehumidifier
Type Refrigerant
Capacity 18 l / 24 hrs
Operating temperature 5 – 35 degrees C
Water tank capacity 2.6 l
Electronic control panel Yes
Washable filter Yes
Water level indicator Yes
Continuous drainage option Yes
Built in adjustable humidistat Yes
Cloths drying feature Yes
Timer Yes
dehumidifier/heater combo Yes




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