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An analysis of numerous benefits of coffee

By: Andrew Wilson | Jun 18, 2011 12:55 AM

For ages mankind has been trying to come to a conclusion whether coffee is good for health or bad. Though initially scientists and researchers has more ill effects to quote than goodness that left a lot of anxiety in the mind of the coffee lovers too. But with time the list of goodness has surpassed the harmful effects. With a taste of good health, coffee is a perfect stimulus that is natural. Coffee has loads of anti-oxidants which are a secret for genera wellness. Coffee is known to have antibacterial effects. It also reduces the risks of type 2 diabetes. Coffee acts are one of the precursors in releasing dopamine into brain. Too little dopamine causes immobility and frozen state of the Parkinson's patients, and thus coffee by stimulating the release of dopamine helps reduce the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Coffee can raise your blood pressure insignificantly, but is not responsible for hypertension. However if you are already suffer from hypertension, limiting the number of coffee is healthy. Coffee has the ability to reduce risk of malignancy especially of the breast, co rectal, and skin. It is known to reduce risk of cirrhosis of the liver, and improve muscular power and physical endurance. Making your mind alert and relieving headaches, coffee is a known stimulant. However coffee can irritate you if you have a gastric ulcer and you may experience heartburn. It has also been associated with uric acid deposition (cause of gout and kidney stones), increased excretion of calcium and mineral leading to early osteoporosis, and decreased absorption of Vitamin B. Comparing the pros and cons, it is obvious the benefits are more and far supreme too.




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