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Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

By: Rex Inego | Oct 20, 2006 02:47 PM

Animal crossing is a weird game to describe its a bit like nintendos take on the sims but without the annoying parts. The premise of the game is to pay off your mortgage and make the perfect town and house. This isn't forced upon you though. So how do you finish the game you ask. Well thats a difficult question to answer as its not possible to finish the game. This means that its probably one of the longest lasting games ever created as it encourages you to come back to the game every day. So whats the difference between this and the gamecube version. The one key update is the online mode, which makes the game last even longer. This is the closest thing on ds to a massively multiplayer online game. The idea behind it is to buy/trade items with friends and animals in the village. As time goes by these animals will move from village to village. All the animals have different personalties with one thing in common. They are all a bit crazy. Ultimately this game allows you a great deal of freedom in what to do. You can help the local museam in displaying exhibits. Compete in fishing and insect catching tournaments. Become a clothes designer, help the local raccoon open up a department store, go to the black market and buy rare items, donate money to a poor country. Its left up to you, there are literally hundreds of items to collect with nintendo adding more and more using the download stations around the country.

Pros: Possibly never ending. Lots of events occuring. Lots of visitors. Interesting characters. One of the best online modes available on ds. Great graphics. Lots of items. Lots of freedom to do what you want.

cons: Less events than the GCN version. No ending(is that a weakness or strength). Classic games that appeared in GCN removed. No tropical island from GCN.

conclusion: It depends what games you like really but if you liked the first animal crossing you will definitely like this. This game has the best online mode on ds at the moment, if you like games like the sims and harvest moon you will enjoy animal crossing. If you like your game to have a conclusion this is probably one to avoid but i can safely say this is one of the top 10 ds titles out at the moment and if you have the time it becomes a very absorbing game.

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