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Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

By: Rex Inego | Jan 18, 2007 09:00 PM

Players start off in a taxi/cab with Kapp'n the sea captain he starts asking for the time and date so the clock is right and you can experenice the full pleasure of Animal Crossing the fact that Animal Crossing is a real life game when its December in real life your town will have snow and you can build snowmen, when its Summer there are bugs about and the grass is green and lush. Anyway back to Kapp'n he then asks your name and whether or not your a boy or girl then asks where you are going and you can now name your town. He then dropps you off and you can start your life in Animal Crossing!

Animal Crossing:WW has things that Animal Crossing: Population Growing on the GameCube didnt: new villagers, tons of new items and more things to do. Also the most prominent change is the ability to play with anyone in their country utilizing the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

This game is the type of game that when you first play you wont put it down for about 3 weeks after that you may get bored and things get repetitive but once you pick it up again you'll remember how good the game is.

The graphics are great for the DS not the best out there but they are in my opinion better than the GameCube version.

Animal Crossing's Wi-Fi capabilities allow's players to visit other players' villages no matter where they are in the world, assuming that access to a compatible wireless access point is available and that they are using a version of the game with a compatible language. For example, the Australia and North America versions can connect locally and via Wi-Fi, but they cannot connect to a version from Japan. Up to four players can be in an Animal Crossing: Wild World town both via local wireless or through Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Connection to random players is not possible, as connection is made by the mutual entry of friend codes.

The controls for Animal Crossing:WW is easy with the stylus: moving, picking up items, moving things, talk to animals also a big thing is using the stylus is so easy to write letters and make patterns, writing letters was really annoying on the GameCube because you had to scroll around for each individual letter where as now you can just tap the letters and it is so quicker and less annoying. Making patterns are now soooo much easier than on the GameCube as well creating your own designs, computer game characters in pixel style is much easier and well organized with just little taps and drags you can have a great picture in minutes.

Pros: highly addictive your second life great fun and lots to do Online is great

cons: it may give you a seccond life but its so addictive you may loose your original oe

conclusion: I really think this game is great fun and i have been playing it for a very long time and think that the oline is great. especially if you liked the cube version. this is rapidly becoming one of nintendo's hottest game and i think the wii edition will be just as good 9.5

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