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Another Code: Two Memories (DS)

By: Rex Inego | Oct 17, 2005 09:06 PM

An old skool point and click adventured made even easier to use thanks to the DS's touch screen and stylus. The game is a story about a child called ashley who goes to some mysteriuos island and learns that her parents are alive and you have to unravel the puzzles and mysteriuos surrounding your adventure.

Pros: Good chilled out sounds. OK graphics. All well designed and created. NOt a hectic game, very laid back, making it far diferent from the host of other games available to buy.

cons: If your not into this sort of thing, don't buy. Can get dull. You need patientence, it can be slow. I gave up on this game. However If i was under 15 years old I may have stuck with it. I'm told this game is quite short.

conclusion: In the end I gave up on this game, its perhaps one for younger people. Although I like solving puzzles and riddles the lack of objectives and the sheer 'basicness' of the game annoyed me. If you like point and click adventures however you may like this game.

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