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Aroma, Freeport, Braintree

By: Rex Inego | Oct 26, 2008 11:38 AM

Aroma in Braintee is a chinese restaurant with a difference: They are a buffet restaurant all day, everyday (within their opening hours of course)! Unlike other chinese restaurants which have a little buffet cart in the corner of the room, Aroma goes all out and gives you 4 or 5 permanent buffet areas, each one with many different foods available, in the large food area. The restaurant is a canteen style decor with a buzzing atmosphere.

Aroma is heaven for anyone like me, who enjoys chinese food more than anything else, because for a fixed price you can eat as much as you want with as many trips to the buffet area as you like. The great thing about Aroma is the fact that you get a fresh new plate each time you go back to the buffet which makes you feel a lot more comfotable going back to the buffet for your third helping of starters Wink

There are over 40 dishes available at the buffet, and each course has it's own buffet area. For example, one area is for starters, 2 areas for main dishes, an area for puddings, a sushi cart, and an area for buffet puddings (yes, I said buffet pudding! You can have gateux, cake, ice cream, banana fritters and more!). Also worth mentioning is the "Tepanyaki" area where you can take the raw meats/vegatables/noodles and they'll cook them up fresh for you (included in the fixed price buffet!)

Now, I'd like to point out that Aroma isn't entirely unique, because it's remarkably similar to another restaurant called The Water Margin, which has very similar decor and food choices, and pretty much the same layout. I did ask the manager about this and apparently he used to be partners with the Water Margin! Anyhow, i'd also like to state that the food in Aroma is much better, and the choice available is more to my taste!

Some of my favourite chinese food dishes from Aroma are listed below:

- Prawn Crackers (very fresh and crispy!)
- Crispy Seaweed
- Prawn Sesame Toasts
- Salt & Pepper Chicken Wings
- Calamari (oh yes!!!!)
- Chicken Balls (With added sweet and sour sauce)
- Crab Claws
- Captial Ribs

(I should note that there's so much choice available, and by the time i'm ready for mains, i'm usually full up on starters, so i haven't list many main courses here, but there's a lot of choice!)
- Sweet and Sour Chicken
- Lemon Chicken
- Crispy Chili Beef
- Singapore Noodles
- Special fried rice

(By the time the table is ready for desert, my fullness from the starters has worn off slightly) Wink
- Gateaux with maple syrup and Ice-cream
- Selection of fresh fruit
- Apple and Banana Fritters (YUM!)

Pros: - Amazing selection of food - High quality food, I really cannot fault - Tepanyaki available (freshly cooked in front of you) - Buzzing Atmosphere - Reasonable price per person (14 per head at weekends) - Drinks are charged on top, but are reasonably priced - Excellent location with large carpark, Freeport, Braintree - Restaurant seats many, many people! - Cheaper lunchtime prices, and smaller buffet

cons: - Prices change depending on the day of the week which can be confusing, but the difference is small. - Obviously the food isn't too good for you, and the place makes you want to go back again and again!

conclusion: So really, get yourself down to Aroma right now and give it a go. Sure, it's not the most sociable place to eat if you go as a table of two, because you tend to take turns going up for food (so someone can keep handbags and jackets safe), and you wouldn't take someone there for a romantic meal, but on the whole, Aroma is a superb restaurant for everyone who loves chinese food (i'm yet to find someone who doesn't!!!). A definite 100% from me!

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