Apply eye cream with caution

By: Rex Inego | Oct 25, 2011 10:15 AM

Application of eye cream is as important as selecting the right eye cream. The quantity you apply and the way you apply it under your eyes is important. Age takes away the elasticity of skin. Every small rub and pull adds to the existing wrinkles, rather than remove it. 

It is advised by experts that the right age to start treating wrinkles is before they appear. 25 years is suggested as the right age to start applying the cream. However, do not feel disappointed if you did not start early enough. Better late than never, applies here! 

There are things to be considered when you select an eye cream for your eyes. A gel will be apt for oily skin while a heavier cream will be needed for dry skin. Apply only what is needed for the skin to stay fresh and moisturized. The sensitive skin in the region of the eyes gets dryer if eye creams with alcohol content is used. Further, you should ensure the eye cream you use does not contain petrolatum that works badly with all types of skin. 

Cleansing of skin and toning is advised prior to application of the eye cream to get maximum benefits. A little amount of cream should be applied with clean hands around the eyes. The tiny pores in the area require only a very tiny quantity of cream. Excess amount of cream will only waste money. Apply a little cream on both your pinkies and put tiny spots of skin cream around the bone ridge, temples and brows. Do not apply the cream straight on eyelids. It can cause irritation and puffiness of the eye.

Pat in the spots of cream lightly, till the entire cream is absorbed into the skin. Do not rub the cream in, as it will add to number of wrinkles. A bit of cream in the daytime will keep your skin fresh and lively.