How to apply lipstick for those luscious lips?

By: Rex Inego | Oct 25, 2011 10:25 AM

This article gives some useful tips on applying lipstick most effectively. After all, lips convey more than it speaks!

The foremost aspect you should consider while applying lipstick is the impression you want to create. Lighter colours are good for natural look, dark shades work in contrast to your lips creating an impression of a bright smile. Likewise, you can create any impression with your lips, natural, sexy, brilliant, or startling; your lips can say it all with the application of a suitable shade of lipstick! 

Selection of colours plays a significant role on creating impressions. Lipstick colours should blend with the tone of your skin. Dark colours make lips seem small, and light colours make lips seem big. Different colours of lipsticks should be used for different outfits, so that you get a classy and ultimate look at the end. 

Lipsticks with shiny finish make your lips look fuller while Matt lipsticks make them appear thinner and small. Matt finish endows a natural look while shine attracts attention.

Lip liners not only offers a base to apply lipstick, but makes the lipstick last longer. The intention of lining lips is not just to make an outline to apply lipstick. No doubt, tracing an outline on your lips will make lips look fuller. However, if you apply lip liners in the entire outlined area, the finish will be something different. 

Once you apply lipstick, it is important that you remove excess so that it does not stain cups or teeth. The best way to remove excess lipstick is to keep folded tissue in-between lips and press lips together firmly. Lip gloss offers the finishing touch for lips. It keeps lips moist and prevents lipstick from fading fast. 

Lipstick enables you to make the most out of your features. Lips of any shape and size can look best with an appropriate coat of lipstick.