Pick the correct Squash Shoes for better performance

By: Rex Inego | Oct 25, 2011 10:26 AM

People often believe racquet is the most important tool in a game of squash. However, footwear of the player is equally important. In a gruelling and fast paced sport like squash, using inferior equipments can cause you to lose the game. 

Squash etiquette prohibits players to wear dirty shoes. Their shoes should be clean and should not leave marks on courts making the courts slippery. If the court is slippery, it can cause injuries to the players. Squash shoes should be used only for playing squash. 

Indoor squash shoes are designed especially for indoors. The outer soles of these shoes are made with gum rubber. It is soft and comes in light brown colour. Though the shoes will be gentle on court, they are strong enough to offer needed traction required for the play. 

There are certain things to keep in mind when you shop for your squash shoes. When you shop for shoes, it is advised that you walk for about fifteen minutes to increase blood flow. Due to increased blood flow, feet will tend to get swollen. It is during this time you should try your new shoes on. 

After wearing the new squash shoes, move the way you do when you play. If you find your shoes stable, non-slippery, easy to move around and not too tight, the shoes will meet your needs. Moreover, ensure your toes do not meet the last part of the toe box when you wear your squash shoes. A little room to move your foot from heel towards toe will give you comfort when you play.

You can understand that your squash shoes need to be replaced if they look worn-out or if your feet hurt the following day of a match. Squash shoes are replaced by professional players every time they play. If a player plays 2 times in 7 days, he will have to purchase a new pair for each game.