About The Game Called Paintball

By: Rex Inego | Oct 27, 2011 05:57 AM

Teams or individuals can participate and compete in the game called paintball. The objective of the game is to do away with the opponent by labelling them with coloured capsules filled with a mix of various food colouring and gelatine. These capsules are shot out through a mechanism called the paintball marker more commonly known as the paintball gun. The paintballs or capsules are made from non-poisonous, eco-friendly mineral oil that is soluble in water. 

Paintball is a regular sport and there are many organizations that sponsor paintball competitions. Today there are even world-wide leagues, contests, professional teams of players and professional individual players for this sport. The same technology used in paintball is also utilized by the departments of law enforcement, army, para-military and various security agencies for giving their troops training, for responses in riots and as a means of suppressing risky suspects. 

This is a sport that can be played both indoors and outdoors in fields that can vary in size. The specified field for a particular paintball game can be strewn with various things that may be required for strategic moves by the players. Paintballs rules are different for different games, but some factors like capture the flag, ammunition limits, elimination, safeguarding or trying to take over certain points or units or even trying get hold of objects that are hidden in the game field. The duration of the game will be based on the rules of that game and can vary from a couple of minutes to many hours and even days. 

The rules and regulations will be different in different regions, but in practically all regions players are expected to wear masks to protect their faces. And rules are strictly implemented. 

Requirements for paintball

The various tools that are required to play paintball are mainly the paintball marker or paintball gun, paintballs and masks or goggles. 

As you can guess the paintball gun is the most important piece of equipment in the game and they should have a loader or ‘hopper’ that stacks paintball so that the paintball gun is always filled with paintballs. The hopper or loader will work either by gravitational pull for it will be pushed into the loading compartment electronically. The paintball gun will also need a compacted air tank or carbon dioxide to drive it. 

Typically the paintball represents the bullets for the paintball marker. They are round gelatine capsules that mainly consist of polyethylene glycol, non-poisonous and water soluble matter and some shade of food colouring. The better quality paintballs have extremely thin shells and perfectly round shells that guarantee to break when hit and the fluid inside it will be thick and bright such that it is not easy to wipe off through the duration of the game.

The mask or the goggles are mandatory when the player is on the game field so that they are safeguarded from the paintballs. These masks are like helmets that cover the mouth, face ears and the nostrils of the player and some of them even protect the throat. Some players who feel uneasy wearing the mask take off the mouth and/or ear piece, but generally this is not permitted especially during professional games.