About Outdoor Table tennis Tables

By: Rex Inego | Oct 27, 2011 08:26 AM

One of the sports that have been quite regularly popular is table tennis. Though this is a sport that is usually played indoors it is believed to be more fun playing the game in open air. This brings about a difference in the table tennis tables that are used indoors and the ones that are used for playing the sport outdoors. The most important factor regarding outdoor table tennis tables is the material that is used to make these tables. While indoor tables do not have to bear the outdoor elements like the sun and rain tables left out of doors have to be created with weather proof material that ensure that they are not damaged by natural elements. 

Different players have different preferences. Some pay more attention to the bounce and expect out door tables to have the same bounce as their indoor counterparts. Outdoor table tops can be made form a variety of material like metal, synthetic laminate and wood that has been treated and given a coating of water-proofing. The metallic tops are shinier, but players have noticed that they are slower than the usual tables thereby the spin outcome is reduced. 

In addition table tennis surfaces for those tables being used out of doors have more bounce and offers faster speed, which is beneficial to players who play fast games out of doors and the spin gamed indoors. 

Another factor is that the thickness of the table tennis top for outdoor use should be at least 19mm especially if being used in the home. This thicken is lower in bonded resin or melamine table tops. It is said that a 5mm thick melamine table tennis top offers good playing experience while the extremely thin ones are really effective because the bounce is not deep enough and the top tends to warp with time. 

As you can well surmise, the better table tops will be pricier depending on the type of material used and getting the weather proofing done well too will cost money. 

Branded melamine table tennis tops will naturally last more like the Cornilleau that offers their products a ten year warranty period on their resin bonded table tennis tops while there are others who offer a five year guarantee on weather proofed wooden tops. Irrespective of that type of table top or table tennis table you purchase, you can increase the life of the table by using a good cover for the top to keep natural elements from damaging your table. Therefore select a table tennis table shrewdly and sensibly, so as to get the most out of your table.