Buying a Badminton set - Points to Remember

By: Rex Inego | Oct 27, 2011 08:29 AM

In theory, consumer is the king in the market. In practice he becomes a fool in the market. Consumers are cheated in many ways. He is charged high prices for inferior products; he is given duplicate products or sub-standard products. But once the consumer becomes prudent, makes some plan about the product that he wants to buy, has general awareness of the product, and makes a study of the market, to a great extent he can save himself from the treacheries of the market. Before making a purchase or a sale, we must be careful, we should analyze whether we are getting the right product or whether we are getting the right price for the goods that we sell. A study of the market will come to your help in this regard. When we make purchases without looking left or right, we stand a chance to be a looser especially when we purchase sports goods where duplicate and sub-standard products flood the market.

Suppose you want to purchase a badminton set. First of all, you should have an idea about the set you plan to buy. At least you should have a vague idea about the brand name, the model, the price, and other specifications like the nature of the wiring of the bat, the handle, grip of the battle etc. 

Like many other sports goods, the badminton set may also have some international specifications and criteria. Unless you are not aware of these specifications, you will end up in buying some other sub-standard set which could not be used outside the region from where you bought it. Generally consumers are carried away by the catching advertisements or by the soft spoken words of the salesman. What ever be the case, once you make the purchase, your money has gone to the drains.

Again wire netting is another area that needs attention while purchasing a badminton set. The netting should be able to withstand the pressure and swing power of the player. Depending on the power used for swinging we need to select the bats. The handle of the bat also needs special attention. Between the wire netting rim and the bottom half, there is a joint. You should make sure that the joint is well equipped that it can withstand the swing power or a jerk

Last but not least, the quality of the handle grip is to be checked. The grip is usually structured with rough design to prevent the chance of slipping the bat out of the player’s hand. Sweating during the match is common and sweat makes the handle slippery. Make sure that good quality grip is there for your bat.

When you want to buy a branded product, a quality product, especially sports good, no doubt, it will make a big hole in your pocket. But here we cannot act like a miser, but be prudent and make enquiry about the price of the product in the market and if you feels that you are not being charged exorbitant price, make the deal. You find it difficult to follow all these, there is a better idea – take a Badminton player with you when you decide to buy a set.