Various Types of Swimming Equipments

By: Rex Inego | Nov 09, 2011 06:38 AM

Various types of swimming equipments have various functions. They are designed to provide users protection, sports and exercise. Inflatable rings and divers’ wet suits come under the category of safety equipments while certain types of swim equipments are designed to provide exercise to the users. Such equipments help a lot to lose weight, tone body and offer physical therapy.  Water sports related swimming equipments include surfboards, volleyballs and others.

Safety equipments to be used in water help to stay swimmers afloat. Once a swim vest is fitted on to a swimmer who is new to the sport, it will help him to stay afloat, so that he gains confidence in water. Goggles are for the safety of eyes while earplugs as well as nose plugs keep off water. It is mandatory for pleasure boats to equip themselves with life saving equipments like PFDs or personal flotation devices and life preservers. 

Safety equipments offer a swimmer to enjoy the underwater activities without getting hurt. Snorkels, the underwater breathing apparatus and SCUBA gear that helps to see scenery under deep water adds to the pleasure of underwater sight seeing. Wet suits aids in keeping the body temperature of a swimmer stable, increases buoyancy and maintains low water resistance. The safety equipment that gives swimmers a view in to shark activity is the ultimate piece of equipment a swimmer enjoys.  

For hydrotherapy or water aerobics there are special equipments. They help to gain body strength as well as flexibility while in water. Obese people benefit a lot from these equipments as they lessen stress on weak muscles and joints. Kickboards are ideal for non-expert swimmers to get a cardiovascular workout. Continuous pushing of an inflated ball under the water builds up shoulder and upper arm strength. Swimming noodle, swim fins, boxing gloves, barbells and webbed gloves are other swimming equipments very much beneficial to water lovers. 

Balls and nets especially designed for various water sports like basketball, volleyball, and football offers enjoyment and vigorous water exercise. Floating obstacle courses and lounge chairs that can be inflated are tools for less strenuous exercises. Surfboards, paddleboats, water skis, and jet skis are equipments commonly seen in oceans and lakes.