Some Great Guidelines On Maternity Clothing

By: Rex Inego | Nov 22, 2011 09:24 AM

Very often when a woman becomes pregnant quite obviously she starts growing bigger and have so many doubts and questions the require answers for. Not very long ago a pregnant woman could never find good and fashionable maternity clothing that she could not only be looking good in but in which she could be comfortable and at ease, with no catches and tightness here or there. However today thanks to the many beautifully designed maternity wear from big names like Boob, Noppies, Bellybutton and Linque who have made it their business to cater to the ‘growing’ women especially where it pinches. It would be best never to buy the new size unless the woman is one who is increasing in weight rather fast. 

There is no specific time when a woman has to buy her maternity wear. It’s simple really, she should look for it when she knows and feels that she is beginning to outgrow her normal wear, which means around the 6th and the 26th weeks of pregnancy. Good maternity wear will stretch to accommodate a woman’s growing tummy and with great looking long tops it’s in fact a pleasure to let everyone know your condition. One piece of advice to pregnant women is that they should buy and start wearing their maternity clothes soon enough so that they can make the best use of their clothes. This could also be attributed to the fact that good, durable maternity clothes do not come cheap and wearing them when they need to be worn will help you get the best out of your buy. In addition the pre-pregnancy clothes will not be pulled and stretched out of shape. 

Pregnant women are warned that they have to pass through six different sizes when they are pregnant, so it would be foolish to purchase clothes just a size or two bigger than what she is currently wearing.  They will only tend to spend more, because they will find that these sizes do not really fit comfortably and make them look bigger than they really are. 

Another point to be borne in mind when shopping for maternity wear is, never to settle for those cheap maternity clothes that will not last you till the term is over. A smart purchase can be a pair of comfortable and stretchable pair of pants or jeans or even a great looking skirt with different tops that can be mixed and matched at will. They would do well to remember the bras and panties too. Women should try and spend whatever money they would normally spend on clothes during one season on their maternity wear and they can be certain that it would quite definitely turn out to be a good bargain, because they will find that they really need good maternity clothes that they will use throughout their pregnancy and nursing. 

The great thing about long maternity tops are that they are so designed that they are longer down the front so that it does not keep riding up as the tummy grows. In addition the side seams are so stitched that there is more fabric in the front and the back sits snugly on the buttocks. 

As to whether maternity is a waste of cash, the fact remains that what would a woman wear when she gets pregnant and is growing bigger every month? Her normal clothes cease to fit so what’s the next alternative other than maternity wear. A couple of pairs of pants, jeans and a skirt with matching tops will take you through your whole pregnancy term. Women will realize its use only when they find that they wear it more than anything else they currently have. 

To those that feel that maternity wear has no shape or is bulky, they must remember that even in such clothing the makers taken into consideration fashion, design and comfort that even people who are not pregnant buy gifts for their pregnant friends. 

All good brands of maternity are made to be durable to last from the beginning of pregnancy term till after delivery. However the better ones come with a price, but a woman gets great quality for the prices she pays. And another advantage of good quality maternity wear is that a woman can wear it right through her pregnancy and after, even when she is breast feeding the baby. It’s only a handful of really lucky females who get back into shape soon after they have had their baby, most woman take time to get into their older pre-pregnancy clothes; others have to wait quite some time to grow back into them, till which the maternity wear will stand them in good stead.