Important Guidelines while Purchasing Treadmill and Running Machine

By: Rex Inego | Nov 22, 2011 09:28 AM

Majority of the people all over the globe try out all kinds of ways and means to reduce weight and are willing to spend any amount to lose weight and remain healthy. With the advent of all kinds of exercising machines getting slim is not really an ordeal anymore. One of the most common, conventional and simple to use exercise devices that is resorted by majority of the people is the treadmill. If you are by any chance planning to purchase a treadmill, you will discover that there are different kinds of treadmill models namely treadmills meant for walkers, heavy duty ones meant for runners that come with a multitude which can keep tab of your heart rate and adjust your workout on its grounds and fold up model treadmills. It is important that you choose the right kind of treadmill for yourself before buying it. 

Mentioned below are some simple guidelines that will help you to select the perfect treadmill for yourself.

Important Features to look for while buying a treadmill

Ensure that the treadmill you intend buying is strong and well built and has excellent shock absorption. Enquire whether it provides an extensive area that is lengthy to room your stride length. The treadmill should have an adjustable elevation and speed and offers a wide range of stimulating programmed courses. Also make sure that the equipment has a powerful motor.  Do not forget to ensure that it comes with a good warranty and customer service.

Motor size - Motor dimension is an important aspect that needs to be taken into consideration while purchasing a treadmill. The main aspects that need looking into include horse power rating, peak duty and continuous duty. The latter is the power that a treadmill can come up to the maximum and sustain regardless of whether it has any load or not. Horse power rating on the other hand is the quantity of horse power the treadmill’s motor can achieve during different load conditions. The last namely peak duty refers to the fixed highest horsepower the treadmill motor can achieve when it is under peak load conditions. 

If your aim is to run very fast on your treadmill, it is therefore vita that you require a motor that is very powerful. It is advisable that you go in for a treadmill with at least 1.5 horse power continuous duty rating if you plan to run more than walk on it.  Treadmills reaching a speed of 8-12mph are required for runners or joggers.  Treadmills meant for walking come in a speed ranging from 0 – 8.75 mph. 

Treadmill’s Build – This is yet another feature that should be considered before purchasing a treadmill of your choice. Treadmills that come with a welded frame have more durability that all other kinds of treadmills. Look for treadmill that has a deck that is not very difficult to clean and does not need much maintenance. Going in for a two ply belt will be better as they are no doubt much sturdier and more durable as opposed to one ply belts that normally tends to curl at the sides. Many treadmills even come with an orthopaedic belt that provides a better cushioning effect. 

Cushioned Deck- It is more advantageous to purchase a treadmill that has a cushioned deck as they have the capacity to absorb around 40% of the impact of running on roads. Majority of the treadmills are manufactured in such a way so as to lower the force of your foot strike by cushioning the base of the deck. The best option would be to go and have a look at the different treadmills and see how well they are cushioned before buying one.


Dimension of the Treadmill belt – The normal dimension for most treadmills is 18 inches width and 51 to 54 inches length. However, if you are a victim of some kind of disability or possess a longer stride or are extraordinarily tall, make sure that you choose a treadmill that has extra width and length. 

Motivation Programs – Majority of the treadmills that are available in the market these days have a set of pre programmed courses incorporated in them that will provide variety and challenges to your exercise regime. They have alternating speeds and elevations that can offer you a better fitness level and pose a challenge to work out better. Treadmills that have adjustable inclines can provide you with more strenuous workouts. 

There are also treadmills that keep a tab on your heart rate like mentioned a little earlier and these kinds have the capacity to alternate the incline and speed in accordance to how much your heart rate should be. This makes it certain that you will not suffer any risks while working out. These kinds of treadmills comprise of a chest strap that conveys your heart rate to the display on the console. 

Positioning Your Treadmill- Last but not the least, whether your home has ample space to house the treadmill you select is an important question. If you live in a small space, it would be better to go in for a fold up frame that is excellent for walking and strong enough for running. 

These above mentioned simple tips will surely help you to buy the perfect treadmill that comes within your budget.