Few tips to treat your damaged hair

By: Rex Inego | Feb 07, 2012 11:29 AM

With constant exposure to sun, dust, chemicals and hair styling tools, your hair loses the natural shine and life, ultimately damaging it. Damaged hair is the most common problem in woman of all ages. Wide-ranging product is available in the market that helps you treat your damaged and frizzy hair. By using the right product, following the right tips and limiting the use of harmful chemicals you can get healthy and shiny hair. 


Shampooing your hair is not just enough you have to condition the hair at least once in a month. Make sure your use the right conditioner that suits the type of hair. The brittle and broken hair strands can be managed effectively with the conditioner. You can apply the conditioner from root to tips and work gently. It not only conditions your hair, but it also restores the shine. Use warm water while washing your hair so that conditioners will prove effective. Hair cuticle is opened by the hair water and this helps absorb the conditioner to the hair roots. When washing out the conditioner make use of cold water. 

Moisturizing conditioner with vitamin E, aloe Vera and panthenol are best suited for your hair. After hair conditioning, let your hair dry naturally and avoid using towel. Tangles from the wet hair should be removed by your fingers instead of brushing it with a comb. 

Avoid colouring and using styling products 

Damages to the follicle are caused by using heating appliances, severe whether conditions and dust. If not given sufficient care, the hair strands splits into two and three, leaving them lifeless and thin. By giving little attention and care, you can transform your dry, dull and thin hair into fuller hair. 

Retaining the quality and fullness of your hair is what everyone seeks for. Styling products like blow dryers, hair straightening machines and chemicals such as bleach or alkaline present in the colouring products are the main cause for hair damage. Avoid using these products whenever possible so that you can prevent as much damage to the hair.

Eat and sleep well 

By having healthy food packed with protein, vitamins and carbohydrates, you can enhance the quality of the hair. Do not skip meals especially breakfast as nutrients are necessary for the healthy hair growth. To flush out toxins from the body, drink water in plenty. Get good sleep every night. 

To promote hair growth and enhance the shine, use coconut oil regularly. Mixture of cider vinegar and water can also be applied to enhance the shine and egg and olive oil can also improve the texture. Whenever possible try to use natural ingredients to encourage the growth and quality of the hair. Getting hair trims a month, can encourage growth of your hair. Vitamin E treatment can also be done.