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Assassin's Creed (360)

By: Rex Inego | Feb 19, 2009 09:48 AM

Here is a world so real,that you can actually feel the sweat trickling over the contours of your face, feel the heat rising as you fly around narrow alleys, brandishing your sword. The Assassin's Creed is set in 1191 AD, when the Holy Land was being ramped by the Third Crusade. The Holy Land was bathed in blood and destruction, antagonism and enmity were being professed. The Assassins, lead by Sinan, decide to put an end to all the malice and destruction and spread the warmth of peace to the belligerent Holy Land.Driven by disgrace and the urge to redeem himself, master Assassin Altair,"The Flying One, Son of None" grabs the opportunity presented to him by his leader, Sinan. The dauntless and hardy Altair takes the onus on to himself to assassinate the men said to be aggravating the belligerency between the two sides. Altair is at his dauntless best, for he wishes to wipe out his ignominy as a result of his failure to assassinate the Templar Leader Robert De Sable and reclaim the fabled Templar Treasure.In Altair's shoes, you are facing a monumental task of restoring peace in Holy Land. Along the bloody expedition, you will discover many secrets guarded with great zeal. You will also discover that his enemies do not have just personal gain in mind and that they are a part of a society enshrouded in secrecy. Though the Assassin's Creed has this major historical chunk to back it, the story unfolds in September 2012 where a bartender in the name of Desmond Miles gets kidnapped by Abstergo Industries, that intends to use Desmond as their test subject for a device, "Animus" that can trigger ancestral memories from deep within the subject's DNA. As the story moves, Desmond relives Altair's memories and you can experience the game from Altair's point-of-view that is seen by Desmond.As he moves on, assassinating his enemies, Altair discovers that the plan on the Templars is to trick the Christian and Muslim forces to join forces against the assassins. With many twists and turns, the game promises action wrapped in blood and gore. You will find yourself in a maze of mystery as Altair discovers that nothing seems as it does on first look. Gamers, listen up, for the Assassin's Creed is bound to leave an everlasting impression in you. You will find it interesting that the game has been built such that you can interact with all the people you see. The three cities Damascus, Jerusalem and Acre are so well recreated, giving you the feeling that you are on a journey in a tasteful time machine.You are given medieval weapons to battle with, there are also sword fights which make you slip out of your seat! The crowd is your friend but do not be fooled. For, they can turn against you any minute. The game features Artificial Intelligence and Fluid play mechanics which when combined with the scintillating narration give you a gaming experience that is deemed to haunt you long after you played it. The fighting mechanisms are tricky to master, but when mastered, give you an astute balance when faced with your deadly enemies. The animation is precise and the action is deep-rooted in reality. You can go on killing-spree, eliminating everything that comes in your way. You can mount horses, scale buildings with an exquisitely designed background and be 'hot-metal' is a an otherwise cool crowd.The background score is yet another feature in the top-drawer, along with the sonorous voice acting. Though the ending lacks in integrity, the elegant detailing of the Holy Land and mind-boggling action is indeed praise-worthy. As Altair, the man who's business is to kill, for the purpose of restoring peace, The Assassin's Creed with a cryptic secret hidden inside it, can make you feel over-whelmed with all the heady mix of blood and action, but what's a computer game for, right?

Pros: Fascinating storyline Precise animation Accurate historical details Fluid play mechanics

cons: Lack of multiplayer Formulaic Structure Minor glitches

conclusion: The Assassin's Creed is like watching a movie with an intricate storyline. Only, you get to live all the action.

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