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Aveda Blue Malva Colour Conditioner

By: Amelia Janet | Sep 20, 2011 10:31 AM

Aveda Blue Malva Colour Conditioner enriched with moisturizing capabilities of blue malva and soothing abilities of coneflower makes your hair healthy and attractive. The easy to use conditioner can be applied to already shampooed hair. Blue Malva Colour Shampoo can heighten the effect of the conditioner. After application, comb through your hair and leave for two to five minutes. Rinse well to enjoy a sparkling and manageable hair. You can always leave the conditioner on for a longer time for enhanced conditioning and colour deposit. 


Pros: Blue Malva together with coneflower prevents dryness and brightens hair. Irritated scalp is cured with the soothing power of cone flower. The colour conditioner enhances the silvery shine of grey hair and balances brassy shades of all shades. Use of the conditioner conditions your hair effectively making your hair turn lightweight and easy to style. The organic deep daily conditioner enhances your hair colour, adding life and smoothness to it.

cons: The conditioner can harm your eyes if come in contact. Hence care should be taken.

conclusion: Aveda Blue Malva Colour Conditioner contains purified water, Mallow Extract, Sweet Almond Extract, Cornflower Extract and Wild Cherry Bark Extract and Aloe Barbadensis Extract which is organically grown. It is also enriched with Palm, Mixed Plant, Silica, Coconut, Rapeseed, Babassu Oil, Wheat Starch and protein that is hydrolized, Rice Bran, Wheat Protein, Guar Beans, Cellulose, Molasses, Diazolidinyl Urea, Fragrance and colorants.

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