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Basic Details of Commercial Washing Machines

By: Amelia Janet | Sep 13, 2011 06:57 AM

The demands of the consumers change and hence the manufacturers of electronic appliances design new versions that are energy efficient, user-friendly and compact. The washing machines are now part of every home and commercial boarding and lodging spaces, helping them to clean the clothes without excess strain. However before purchasing it the consumers should consider their requirements, weight of the laundry to be managed and all aspects regarding energy consumption. While the smaller hotels have loads limited to 20 kg that can be easily sub-contracted for effortless care, the larger multi-storied hotels in busy cities with over 8000 rooms require washing machines specially designed to wash the heavier loads. The bedding that need to be changed regularly, table linen, towels and other clothes as well as customer laundry should be washed with optimum care and cleanliness. With special washing machines to wash the smallest of loads to the heaviest loads the business thriving on laundry management too is on the high. Commercial washing machines that collect laundry from different hotels and motels can be the dependable livelihood and is now a soaring business. Once the amount of laundry is decided, the next step is to consider the shift system. With one, two or three shift systems viable in large-scale hotels with thousands of rooms, the number of washing machines to be purchased too increases. However installation in a clean and hygienic room, separating the dirty and soiled clothes and hygienic management of clothes by the staff too requires equal mention. The laundry should be split as per the types of care it requires and the scheduling of washers to manage different washing machines and cycles too be noted. The consumption of water, power and detergent is of utmost importance when installing the washing machines. The low detergent washing machines plus low water consumption ones result in huge savings as years pass by. With lesser detergent laced water to waste and minimal water consumption, it is safe on the environment as well.




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