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Battlefield 2 (PC)

By: Rex Inego | May 09, 2007 06:12 PM

Well this is my favorite pc game I own at the minute, even better than half life 2!
The reason I love this game is that you can go up ranks and there are always FREE patches that come out every so often.
This is a never ending game and is one that if you praptice you can own all the other people.
Also there are hundreds of different severs and my favorite has to be the pistol and knife as its harder for the people to kill me so i ussualy get the highest in the game, but there is the odd noob that cheats and uses the machine gun and that brings me on to the weapon range whitch is big as there is one main gun for every person you can be (eg medic)and you can upgrade your guns by going up a rank

Pros: -great big online game -never hard to find server -loads of maps -loads of guns -lots of teamspeak servers for it -Free patches!

cons: -are the odd cheaters

conclusion: Overall battlefield 2 has supplied me with a good long bit of gaming and with other patches coming out its going to be made better.

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