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Battlefield 2142 (PC)

By: Rex Inego | Mar 01, 2007 11:58 PM

Unbelievable, EA have made it even better than number 2! Battlefield 2142 has the best graphics I have seen with a variety of settings. There is a vast number of maps each very different for different types of gameplay but all equally as good. This already has a great online community, with over half a million regular players and alway over 100 servers running for up to 64 players. This massive game is soon to be expanded with the Norther strike booster which is a steal for only 5.99! It's more than war, it's also about strategy.

Pros: - Brilliant graphics - Great Forum community - Free to play - Lots of people online - Several game modes - Lots of maps - Lots of kits - Lots of unlocks for each kit for maximum customization. - Lots of clans to join - Competitions for cash prizes and keyboard/mouse sets. - Lots of ranks - Lots of ribbons/pins/badges etc.

cons: - Some lag but it won't be an issue if you have a good graphics card and a fast internet connection!

conclusion: Easily the best shooter ever and the best PC game, but it's much more, you'll need to take cover, take aim, look the devil in the eye, and pull the trigger. You need the internet to play register! If I could give over 100%, I would!

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