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Beach2Beach Mix & Match Tankini Top

By: Chris Kevin | Aug 18, 2011 10:45 AM

Now step out on the beach, looking stunning with the Beach2Beach Mix & Match Tankini Top. This tankini makes an enviable swim wear and you can wear it along with short skirts or jeans. Bright coloured and vibrant tankini fails to capture attention from all around. This Mix and match tankini top provides better support for your body and gives you an enviable shape. 

Pros: Contrast trim offered to neckline and straps adds glamour and style to this tankini wear. Excellent support is possible with Bust shelf. With necessary support, you can wear the tankini confidently. Adjustable straps are included and it allows quick and easy adjustment. Finished in 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex materials, this tankini feels great on your skin. It is very durable and the tankini lasts longer. Polyester lining is included in this tankini. This hand washable tankini top makes an ideal swim wear. The tankini gives a desirable shape and offers perfect fitting. You can use this tankini top for casual hangouts.

cons: None

conclusion: Beach2Beach Mix & Match Tankini Top with perfect cuttings and design makes a fashionable beach wear. You can wear it confidently and accessorize with earrings and chains to get the complete look.

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