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Beltronics BEL 950 Radar Detector

By: Andrew Wilson | Feb 20, 2011 01:32 AM

Beltronics is one of the popular radar detector manufacturers. This technology giant comes with the new Beltronics BEL 950 Radar Detector system. This new model features dual mode operation. You can set the detector in city or highway mode for convenient use. Due tom compact dimensions and small weight, it is very easy to handle this new detector. It is extremely easy to handle this latest device. Advanced X, K and Ka Band detection is enabled in this system. You can use this latest gadget to hide from the eyes of the cops. It detects almost all types of laser guns now in use. Alert of this innovative radar detection system are available in the form of audios and visuals. The sound alerts of the device are loud enough to hear even from a crowded junction. It is also possible to make this user friendly radar detector silent using mute in city mode where the detection of false signals is comparatively high. Beltronics BEL 950 Radar Detector is a latest model with enhanced alert systems and signalling capability. Advanced VG-2 alerts are also enabled in this new model. It will hide the user from the eyes of radar detector detectors.

General info
Brand Beltronics
Model Beltronics BEL 950 Radar Detector
Detection mode City / Highway modes
Alert types Audio / Visual
Detection bands X, K, Ka Band and Laser
Detection area Front / Rear
VG-2 alerts Yes
Mute Yes




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