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Ben Sayer MX7 Package Set

By: Rex Inego | May 01, 2008 09:37 PM

The Ben Sayers MX7 golf package set is clearly aimed at beginners looking to get into the game at a reasonable price. The package comes with the following:

#1 Driver (12 degree loft)
#3 Fairway Wood
#4, #5 Hybid Clubs
6-SW Irons
Stand Bag

For a price of only 120, it's not surprising that for all of this, you're playing with cheaply made clubs, and this is very apparent when you whip out the 12 degree oversize driver, which although has served me well and has achieved some good distance (when i'm lucky enough not to end up tree-bound), just doesn't seem to have a sweet spot on it at all - not that i've found anyway. Thanks to the loft you can expect your ball to travel to new heights.

The irons in this set impressed me when I first got the MX7 package, and I still enjoy playing with them today (not that I have a choice in the matter since it's the only set I have). The over-sized heads on them seem to pack quite a punch when the ball meets the sweet spot, but the flexible shaft can be a problem for people like me who like to swing hard and fast.

Putting with the MX7 Putter is often very difficult. The club heads feels quite weighted and it's often hard to be consistant with it - more often than not I find the ball over-shoots the target.

Finally, the MX7 bag is pretty decent and looks quite sylish. It has many compartments for balls, valuables, drinks and all the snikers you need, and the clubs are separated with dividers, though you often find with this bag that the rubber handles/grips of each club meet at the bottom, making it awkward to place clubs back into the bag. This is less of a problem now that i've lost some of my irons thanks to forgetfulness at the green (on the rare occasions that I actually make it to it).

Pros: - Pretty much everything you need to get into golf (except balls) - Stylish bag and head covers - Decent variety of clubs including driver, 3 wood and hybrid clubs - Bag is durable with many compartments and an especially large ball compartment

cons: - Driver serves it's purpose but not very well - if you can drive well with this one, just imagine what you could do with a higher end driver. - You may outgrow this set quite quickly - Putter is very inconsistant, though it's probably me.

conclusion: As a complete beginner to golf, I found this set to be absolutely brilliant and great value for money. Now that i've progressed in little over a year I realise this set has it's problems but I would recommend this to any beginner looking to get into golf as cheap as possible.

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