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Benefits of a Wireless Laptop Keyboard

By: Chris Kevin | Sep 18, 2011 03:58 AM

Laptops are a great device especially as they are so handy and can be carried along with you no matter where you want to go, be it a luxury or a business trip. Believe it or not you can even use it while you are lounging around in your bathtub! Things would be far nicer if you had a wireless keyboard to go with it. To add more comfort to the use of your laptop buy yours an external keyboard too. Basically there are two types of keyboards the wired variety and the wireless one. The better and the more convenient of the two is the wireless keyboard, meaning that they work on batteries and need not be connected to the laptop by means of wires. A wireless keyboard for your laptop is very useful as typing on the laptop keyboard can be quite cumbersome especially if you happen to be working for hours on end. This external keyboard will come in really handy and the great news is that it is not extremely pricey too. Try to get one with touchpad features. In addition purchasing a battery that has a good backup capacity will add icing to the cake. This means that you do not have to connect your laptop to the electric output either. Some factors to consider when buying a wireless laptop keyboard are: 1. First check whether your laptop will support the wireless keyboard you have in mind. 2. Most of them support the Bluetooth technology, but there are a few that support other technologies. Check that out too. Once you have bought the wireless keyboard insert the batteries into the requisite compartment. These keyboards require either Lithium ion or alkaline batteries and as they cannot draw power from the laptop, you have to charge the batteries before installing them. The Li-ion batteries are the latest as far as batteries go as they last longer and do not run out easily, so recharging is less frequent. However this is not the case with alkaline batteries that will have to be replaced every so often. Ensure that you know how far you can place the keyboard from your laptop as there are many keyboards that do not work well when they are placed further than 30 metres from the computer. In addition if you have a wireless keyboard with touchpad features then you will not require a mouse either as the laptop can be used with the touchpad. Wireless keyboards are lightweight so they can be carried in your laptop bag. Typically wireless keyboards communicate with your laptop and they do that utilizing radio frequencies. Generally wireless keyboards look like USB dongles or the Bluetooth equipment. If you have a USB keyboard you will have to ensure that the dongle is inserted into the USB port. With a variety of options for you to choose from it may me pretty difficult to take a decision, but you can shortlist them according to their features and price. An online search for wireless keyboards for your laptop can turn up some good bargains and you have the option of choosing one from great brands like Dell, HP, Logitech, Apple and Microsoft. As you can probably guess the new generation keyboards will be more expensive too.




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