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Black coffee- a popular caffeinated beverage

By: Chris Kevin | Jun 03, 2011 05:13 AM

Though there are a variety of coffees available, black coffee still remains a preferred caffeinated beverage by most of the coffee lovers. The richness, aroma and strong flavour offered in black coffee are incomparable. Every day, over 330 million cups of black coffee is consumed worldwide and this makes it the third favourite beverage after water and soda. A cup of plain black coffee without cream, milk or syrups does the magic. This aromatic and full-flavoured black coffee will keep you in high spirits all day. A black coffee can be drunk at any time of day, at any place. Espresso, a strong black drink is prepared by forcing the steam of boil water through the finely ground coffee beans. When compared to regular coffee, espresso takes less preparation time. Tips to making a perfect cup of black coffee If cold water is used during the browsing process, you get fresh and rich coffee. You should clean the parts such as filters and brewers of the coffee machine prior to brewing coffee. With clean coffee machine parts you will get pure and fresh black coffee. If required you can add milk or syrups to the black coffee. A cup of black coffee rejuvenates your body and no other drink could take its place. Adding ingredients in the black coffee could lose the natural flavour, richness and strength. Those who want to savour the rich flavour, acidity and tanginess should go for plain black coffee.




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