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Blitzkrieg 2 (PC)

By: Rex Inego | Sep 15, 2005 07:51 PM

Blitzkrieg is a strategy war sim that follows the well received Blitzkrieg. New features include:
• Unlike its predecessor, Blitzkrieg II allows the player to not only command the troops while accomplishing tactical missions but also choose what reinforcements should arrive and when
• Everything is destructible, the ruins and craters provide cover to troops and equipment
• Unit-types progress, gain experience and upgrades the more you use them
• Earn promotions and medals for your success on the battlefield
• Use 3d terrain & weather to your advantage as they affect your troops in the field
• Order engineers to build your defence lines or to destroy buildings and bridges
• Fight with your brothers-in-arms against enemy clans using the match-making and auto-rating server
• Create a whole new war with a convenient map & resource editor.

Pros: When I loaded this game up for the first time I was quite excited to get playing after seeing the impressive opening film. This was brought to an immediate halt as I realised I didn’t know how to play the game. So I got straight into the tutorial mode which could not be done without, unless of course you have played the prequel. The graphics on first sight seem poor but as the screen moves along you notice how nice they are. There is just something about the scrolling that is really appealing. The lighting adjusts nicely and just looks, well, nice! The sound effects serve the game well and compliment the graphics. As I progressed through the tutorial I acquired the skills to approach the single player game. To this there are three campaign options (USA, Germany, USSR). As I came into conflict I noticed how well the vehicles and the terrain interact with tanks knocking over trees and leaving dust clouds when they fire their guns. Unfortunately this is where the fun stops.

cons: Even before finishing the tutorial I had become bored and the novelties of all the good things about this game had worn off. The first thing that made me reconsider my opinion on this game was the absolutely appalling use of the English language in the tutorial objectives box. The spelling was worse than that of a primary school child and the grammar was no exception. The objectives in the game are not only boring but confusing. The game play is totally linear and the missions are near impossible.

conclusion: To surmise, this game has nice features, no question, but I personally could not keep my concentration because of the sheer lack of excitement that the game had to offer. I wouldn’t say this game is not to be bought and I know that someone somewhere will appreciate it greatly but for me, this is not a keeper

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