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Bob Long Marq 7 Marker

By: Andrew Wilson | Apr 19, 2011 04:27 AM

If you are looking out for a reliable, accurate paintball marker, the Bob Long Marq 7 Marker suits so well. This advanced device outshines all the previous models of this kind, both in style and in performance. It features a latest function that is 4-eye which enables 30bps fast performance in the markets and is upgradeable as well.

The thin grip frame gives comfort to the handset of the player while using the marker. Similarly, swivel top regulator allows rotating of the fitting to the desired position. Designed with advanced inlet poppet valve design, internal LRP and mounted solenoid, it is the best one available in the markets.

Pros: integrated smooth trigger of the marker makes shooting easier than the previous times and it features minimal kick that makes no harm to the opponent. The sound of the device is also quite low. Integrated feed neck makes this new paintball marker more compact. This high accurate marker let you enjoy the game till the end.

cons: The main drawback of this advanced paintball marker is its size. Weighing 2.5lbs, it’s too heavy to use and can be tedious to mess with. Likewise, the pillow bolt may cause some difficulty to the player. The marker is a little bit expensive as well.

conclusion: In fact, this Bob Long Marq 7 Marker is a reliable device I have met with. It may be a little large but, the size won’t affect the performance. If you practice well, there will not be any difficulty to mess around with. Similarly, the pillow bolt can be replaced with a better one after a specific period of time.

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