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Boots Thrill Lubricant

By: Amelia Janet | Jun 15, 2011 08:53 AM

The unique lubricant that enhances the pleasure of love-making with a cool tingling sensation, this silky smooth Boots Thrill Lubricant is well suited for regular use. It is water soluble and hence easier to wash off without apprehensions of staining. 

Pros: Well designed bottle to easily access the silky smooth lubricant, this product is water soluble and does not stain either. It offers a tingling sensation to heighten the pleasure!

cons: It is not a contraceptive. Contact with eyes should be avoided too

conclusion: The perfect lubricant to increase the effect of lovemaking, this product is suitable for all. It offers a cool tingling sensation and the recommended use is with Boots condoms. Easier to use, clean off and water soluble it does not stain the clothes either. However, if irritation or discomfort offers or if additional lubricant is required every time, doctors should be consulted.

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