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Bourjois Tinted Lip Balm 3g

By: Chris Kevin | Aug 12, 2011 11:22 AM

You can condition your dull and dry lips with good quality lip balm. Among the most sought-after lip balms is the Bourjois Tinted Lip Balm 3g, a product with great flavour, sweet smell and nourishing properties. This tinted lip balm is easier to use and it keeps you lips soft and supple. 

Pros: Its cream based formula works deep in to the skin and removes the dryness completely. Regular use of the lip balm ensures smooth and soft lips. Ingredients like shea butter and vitamins, helps in bringing back the lost charm to your lips. They work together and add moisture and life to the skin. This balm has a sweet and mild smell that stays on the lips for longer. You can apply it anytime, anywhere. Bourjois Tinted Lip Balm 3g is a smartest and easiest ways to bring beauty and softness to your lips. The 3g tinted lip balm leaves a subtle shade. You can use other lip products like lipstick or gloss to create a complete look. The lip balm will nourish your dry and dull lips. It helps to restores moisture and rejuvenates the skin.

cons: None

conclusion: You can carry the lip balm wherever you go. This tinted lip balm looks fantastic on every skin tones and matches with your face. This is the first step to healthy and beautiful lip.

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