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B&Q WDH-610HA Dehumidifier

By: Chris Kevin | Jun 15, 2011 03:49 AM

Dehumidifiers help one live a normal life even in coastal regions and when humidity levels are higher. Ideal for the asthmatic patients and people with frequent bouts of allergies as well the energy efficient and compact B&Q WDH-610HA Dehumidifier helps one to manage the life easily. Stylish and power-packed this appliance can be installed in any required space, even in areas where space is at a premium. A class apart the conventional ones, one finds it handy! It is easier to use, set the features, clean and maintain too. The power required for its consistent performance is 2000 – 2499 Watts. One finds it to be the best dependable appliance that can be used in homes or offices to clean the air and arrest harmful humidity levels. With every aspect well checked to offer the best user-friendly design it offers 100% satisfaction too. Used by millions worldwide it has proven to be the best reliable appliance that requires minimal care while the performance offered is commendable. B&Q WDH-610HA 2000 – 2499 Watts Dehumidifier with futuristic style and simple methods of operation offers the best value for price. Ideal for consistent use it is a class apart the conventional ones. It is eco-friendly and super efficient too.

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Brand B&Q
Model B&Q WDH-610HA Dehumidifier
Power Consumption 2000 – 2499 watts




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