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Broken Sword 3 (PC)

By: Rex Inego | Jul 25, 2004 11:05 PM

This is the story of George Stobbart as his holliday in Paris takes him on a journey which ends up in an attempt to save the world. As cheesey as it sounds this game it a brilliant point and click game. Its a bit retro now but with a second and third out it should be bought just to complete the trilogy.

Pros: Exelent story line that keeps you gripped 'till the end. The characters in this game are easy to like and you end up caring whether they live or not. The game uses the famous point and click engine that you cant go wrong with. This game is good for all the family! Honest. Even sisters with ne hand eye coordination can play this.

cons: Old graphic but its not really a weakness just retro. A few of the accents can get a bit annoying but its such a good game you just dont care.

conclusion: For people that like a god old adventure game this is ace. You cant go wrong. So i say to you get it now!

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