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Bronnley Orchid Talcum Powder 200g

By: Chris Kevin | Sep 22, 2011 06:13 AM

Brighten-up your skin tone with the improved Bronnley Orchid Talcum Powder 200g. This fine talcum powder is absorbed well by your skin and offers a brighter look in just minutes. It does not clog your pores or create any lumps. You can powder it all over your body for an even and flawless appearance. 


Pros: This 200g pack talcum powder is scented and offers a pleasing smell on your body. With the goodness of Almond Oil, it gives extra protection and care to your body. The fine talcum powder removes the sweat and wetness, leaving your body dry. It keeps you fresh throughout the day and the wonderful fragrance of orchid evokes your senses. The Bronnley Orchid Talcum Powder is a valuable addition among the Bronnley Floral Collection. Apricot & Almond Lavender Pink Bouquet Orchid makes this talcum powder a refreshing and useful. Containing natural ingredients and goodness of England’s flowers, this talcum powder is a must have body care product.

cons: None

conclusion: Talcum Powder offers a soft and silky skin. The wonderful combination of aroma keeps your refreshed. After bath, dust the powder all over your body and it will effectively seal the moisture leaving your skin dry.

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