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Bronnley Rose Body Balm 250ml

By: Chris Kevin | Sep 21, 2011 05:58 AM

For glowing and healthy skin you should give essential care and protection. There are numerous body lotions and creams in the market that nourishes and revitalizes your dry and dreary skin. One among the most sought-after products is the Bronnley Rose Body Balm 250ml. Available in a 250ml bottle, this body lotion works wonders on your skin. The smart packing and attractive looking bottle makes this a perfect addition in your dressing table. 

Pros: The Royal Horticultural Society Bronnley body balm pampers your skin with its essential ingredients. The lotion is effectively absorbed by your body. The moisture is restored instantly and the dryness is removed. With extracts from evening primrose, it leaves a mild and pleasant scent on your skin that lasts longer. This lotion contains essential oils that make your skin silky and soft. Maximum nourishment is offered to your skin by this body lotion. Massage this balm into your body feel rejuvenated instantly. Regular use of this body lotion offers youthful and glowing skin. Even after the very first use, you will see the difference.

cons: None

conclusion: Soft and healthy skin is something what every woman desires for and with the Bronnley Rose Body Balm you can achieve it. All the ingredients are blended effectively to form this high quality body lotion.

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