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B-Tech BT 26 Amplifier

By: Andrew Wilson | Jun 05, 2011 10:13 PM

For environments that demand high quality audio performance, the B-Tech BT 26 Amplifier should be the perfect choice. Its advanced technologies and features result in effective amplification solutions. This device comprises of all the essential features you could ask for. With the capability to strengthen weak and feeble audio signals, it offers audio that appeals both the experienced and discerning listeners. This amplifier comes in a manageable size of 135 x 40 x 78 mm making it easier to handle and transport. This Phono / Microphone Pre-Amplifier supports Phono Frequency range of 30 - 20 000 Hz and Microphone Frequency range of 70 - 2 000 Hz. It offers 12 V power supply. Effective connectivity is possible with the featured gold plated phono sockets. It offers noise level of 55 dB Phono and 48 dB microphone. The featured input impedance is 50K ohm @ 1kHz. It supports Input Level of 0.5mV Mic mode/3mV Phono mode and Output Level of 150mV RMS. B-Tech BT 26 Phono / Microphone Pre-Amplifier performs beyond your expectations and delivers maximum productivity. With this device at hand, it offers effective amplification solutions. Durable construction, advanced features and unique attributes all adds to the charm of this amplifier.

General Information
Brand B-Tech
Model B-Tech BT 26 Amplifier
Dimensions 135 x 40 x 78 mm
Type of Amplifier Phono / Microphone Pre-Amplifier
Input Impedance 50K ohm @ 1kHz
Signal to noise ratio Phono 55 dB/microphone 48 dB




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