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Burberry London

By: Rex Inego | Apr 08, 2009 10:39 AM

This Eau de toilette is perfect for men with its earthy fragrance and it comes in a bottle styled in oversized Burberry check fabric. Fresh and masculine on top, Burberry London For Men
is a highly sophisticated and timeless signature scent which creates a seductive and natural sexiness at its heart.

Pros: It comes with good quantity of 50ml which lasts practically for a long period. For smell, it doesn’t smell very strong and delivers a masculine yet nose tingling fragrance. The smell lasts for whole day long and all you need to do for that is just make 1-2 sprays. Unlike other perfumes, it features the best of both worlds – Packaging and Pricing. The quality of this elegant amber woody scent is exceptionally excellent.

cons: The disadvantage is that, there is a chance that the inner tube which brings the spray up keeps falling off. The lid material and even its design are not that good.

conclusion: Very spicy with hints of leather and wood, it smells really good and gets your senses working. The price again is worth the quality of this cologne and is highly recommended. It is absolutely perfect for modern men and can be considered the best perfume in the industry!

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